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How to add Google Map Embed API for websites

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By: David     On: Sun 06 September 2015     

Embed and set up a Google maps window into your website or blog post which comes with unlimited free usage


1. The code from Google Maps Embed API

The simplest form of Google Maps:

  frameborder="0" style="border:0"
    &q=Space+Needle,Seattle+WA" allowfullscreen>
  • width height: map size
  • key: get it in step 2
  • q: search query

2. The API key and credentials

2.1 Go to Google Developer Console and create a project
2.2 API Library > Google Maps Embed API
2.3 Credentials > Add credentials > API key > Browser key
2.4 Give the key a suitable name and in "Accept requests from these HTTP referrers" add the websites that this key will be used on
2.5 Copy the key into your code replacing API_KEY

3. The result