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Git Cheatsheet

Category: Git     Tag: Git   Web  
By: David     On: Sun 28 July 2019     
Some Git commands

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How to host Project Website on GitHub Pages

Category: Git     Tag: GitHub   Web  
By: David     On: Mon 07 September 2015     
You can host static websites freely on GitHub Pages. They are awesome!

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How to add Google Map Embed API for websites

Category: Web     Tag: HTML   Mapping   Web  
By: David     On: Sun 06 September 2015     
Embed and set up a Google maps window into your website or blog post which comes with unlimited free usage

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How to fix JavaScript 'e.pageX' returning 'nan' on Android

Category: Android     Tag: Android   JavaScript   Web   Mobile  
By: David     On: Sat 05 September 2015     
If your JavaScript touch code works perfectly on ios but does nothing on Android, "e.pageX" might be the problem. "e.pageX" simple does not work on Android and returns "not a number", though it works fine both on desktop browsers and ios Safari. Use "e.targetTouches[0].pageX" for Android to fix this problem.

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