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Learn Huge

An open sourced whiteboard for teaching, learning or just scribbling:
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Move Tiles

A clean and simple implementation of the classic N-puzzle game. Includes timer and local leaderboard.
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Pentesting Lab

Become a hacker right away ! Pentesting-Lab
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Velocity Ruler

Measure the surface water velocity from a distance.
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A super challenging shooter game using all direction accelerator controls. Includes global leaderboard and achievements.
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Zombie Crush

The street is the last line of defense before zombies reach your quiet neighborhood. Start up the engines and crush them away!
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What's up

Book Notes : Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Category: System Design     Tag:
By: David     On: Sat 20 February 2021     
Good Book on System Design. To be updated.

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How to add a desktop notification when switching XFCE workspace

Category: Linux     Tag: XFCE  
By: David     On: Fri 22 May 2020     
When switching XFCE workspaces, theres no default notification that tells you which workspace you are on. I have a little script to get around it using wmctrl and notify-send.

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MX Linux setting up docker and docker-compose

Category: Linux     Tag: docker  
By: David     On: Sat 22 February 2020     
Steps to set up docker and docker-compose on MX Linux

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Git Cheatsheet

Category: Git     Tag: Git   Web  
By: David     On: Sun 28 July 2019     
Some Git commands

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Machine Learning Basics

Category: Machine Learning     Tag: Machine Learning   Algorithm  
By: David     On: Sun 04 March 2018     
Some Machine Learning Basics

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How to remove Wordpress versioning, emoji scripts, admin bar

Category: Web     Tag: WordPress  
By: David     On: Sat 20 January 2018     
By default, Wordpress adds in an emoji script and it's versioning into wp_head, one may want to remove these for simplicity and security. The admin bar too can also be removed.

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Graph Basics

Category: Algorithm     Tag: Algorithm   Discrete Math  
By: David     On: Mon 29 May 2017     
Some basic concept on graphs

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How to use single page pagination in Wordpress

Category: Web     Tag: WordPress  
By: David     On: Mon 17 October 2016     
Wordpress has a simple pagination system built in.

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How to install Node.js and Ionic in Debian

Category: Mobile     Tag: Ionic   Cordova   Linux  
By: David     On: Sun 24 July 2016     
apt only provides a really old ersion of node. Use nvm to install and manage different versions of node.js !

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How to turn existing folder into Git repo

Category: Git     Tag: Git  
By: David     On: Fri 22 July 2016     
Have a directory that you want to be linked to a Git repo ?

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