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How to enable extra monitors for Debian xfce in VirtualBox

Category: Linux     Tag: Linux   xfce   VirtualBox   xrandr  
By: David     On: Tue 12 July 2016     

Enable extra monitors or dual screens for Debian xfce in VirtualBox

1. Enable extra monitors in VirtualBox settings

Change the monitor count

Alt Text

2. Enable Virtual Screen

After running the vitural machine, enable the second screen

Alt Text

3. Enalbe xfce display settings

Go to display and click "Use this output"

Alt Text

4. Change duplicate to extend using xrandr

  • The defualt is duplicate screens
  • To change to extend, run xrandr to list the two monitors
  • Run the following with the monitor names and position flag
xrandr --output VGA-0 --left-of VGA-1
  • Position flags from man xrandr:
--left-of, --right-of, --above, --below, --same-as another-output
      Use one of these options to position the output relative to the  position  of
      another  output.  This allows convenient tiling of outputs within the screen.
      The position is always computed relative to the new  position  of  the  other
      output, so it is not valid to say --output a --left-of b --output b --left-of