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How to add a desktop notification when switching XFCE workspace

Category: Linux     Tag: XFCE  
By: David     On: Fri 22 May 2020     
When switching XFCE workspaces, theres no default notification that tells you which workspace you are on. I have a little script to get around it using wmctrl and notify-send.

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How to enable extra monitors for Debian xfce in VirtualBox

Category: Linux     Tag: Linux   xfce   VirtualBox   xrandr  
By: David     On: Tue 12 July 2016     
Enable extra monitors or dual screens for Debian xfce in VirtualBox

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How to fully enable Xfce windows snapping

Category: Linux     Tag: Linux   Xfce  
By: David     On: Wed 29 July 2015     
For any excessively tidy people, windows snapping is a must; Xfce is a great desktop environment that provides such features. By default though, it seems that only horizontal snapping works and you'd have to tweak the settings a bit to make vertical snapping function as well.
Alt Text

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