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Learn Huge

An open sourced whiteboard for teaching, learning or just scribbling:
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A collection of the best and coolest programming libraries
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Move Tiles

A clean and simple implementation of the classic N-puzzle game. Includes timer and local leaderboard.
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Pentesting Lab

Become a hacker right away ! Pentesting-Lab
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Velocity Ruler

Measure the surface water velocity from a distance.
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A super challenging shooter game using all direction accelerator controls. Includes global leaderboard and achievements.
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Zombie Crush

The street is the last line of defense before zombies reach your quiet neighborhood. Start up the engines and crush them away!
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What's up

What are the diffrent ways of saying proposition p → q

Category: Math     Tag: Discrete Math  
By: David     On: Sat 29 August 2015     
The simple statement p → q in discrete mathematics gets confusing when put into English. Here is a table of the common ways of saying p → q:

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How to use MathJax to format HTML math expressions

Category: Web     Tag: HTML   MathJax   Web design  
By: David     On: Thu 27 August 2015     
formatting math expressions with HTML and CSS alone is possible yet pretty frustrating, a simpler and more beautiful alternative is to use MathJax, which is a JS display engine.

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What are cloud computing service models SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Category: Cloud     Tag: Cloud  
By: David     On: Mon 24 August 2015     
The meanings of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS cloud service models

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How to easily create HTML floating clouds using marquee

Category: Web     Tag: HTML   Web design  
By: David     On: Thu 20 August 2015     
The easiest way to create floating clouds is simple using HTMLs marquee tag and a cloud icon from font awesome. No complicated animation needed.
Alt Text

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How to use GDAL Python to transform geotiff pixels to lat lon real-word coordinates

Category: GDAL     Tag: GDAL   Linux   Python  
By: David     On: Thu 06 August 2015     
GDAL gdaltransform is a easy way to transform a pixel of a tiff image to its corresponding lat/lon coordinate.

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How to check all files and find a file type in all directories in Python

Category: Python     Tag: Linux   Python  
By: David     On: Thu 06 August 2015     
Going through all the directories to find the path of a specific type of file is easy in Python. This helps with mass processing files.

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How to solve Chrome flickering in VirtualBox

Category: Linux     Tag: VirtualBox   Chrome   Errors  
By: David     On: Thu 06 August 2015     
If you enabled 3D acceleration for a VirtualBox guest, and Chrome starts flickering in that guest. Go into Chrome's Advanced settings and disable "Use hardware acceleration when available" to solve the problem
Alt Text

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How to install i3 on Debian 8 in VM VirtualBox

Category: Linux     Tag: Debian   i3   Linux   VirtualBox  
By: David     On: Mon 03 August 2015     
Forget about fancy desktop environments and do a clean install of the awesome windows manager i3 on Debian 8.
Alt Text

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How to set up Debian server with nginx, php5 and MySQL in VM VirtualBox

Category: Linux     Tag: Debian   Linux   Commands   MySQL   Network   Nginx   PHP   Server   VirtualBox  
By: David     On: Fri 31 July 2015     
Set up a Server in your VirtualBox in a few simple steps so you can fire it up whenever you need it, or simply use it as a playground for your VPS. A Nginx server is small, efficient, and easy to use.
Alt Text

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How to install Debian Guest Additions in VM VirtualBox

Category: Linux     Tag: Debian   Linux   VirtualBox  
By: David     On: Wed 29 July 2015     
Install Guest Additions for Debian to enable full screen display and more.

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